Do you know rote learning is not as effective as other ways of learning? It is a way to memorise by repeating the same thing again and again. A child learns without any thinking or reasoning and that’s why he fails to understand the concepts. In India, most of our curriculum involves rote learning. That’s why as a mom of two kids, I feel this initiative by Dell India is a step in the right direction. I totally support this initiative to stop rote learning with Dell India.

Stop Rote Learning with Dell India

I was a very good student and scored good marks throughout my school and college life. My biggest strength was cramming or mugging. But somewhere, this did not help me in the long run as I would just mug up everything instead of understanding the concepts. I realised this very late in life but now as a mom, I make sure that my daughters do not follow this concept of rote learning.

As a mom, I feel PC learning can be one solution to rote learning. For this, there is a need to change the way schools teach and the way curriculums are designed. One of my friends shared a study by NCERT, according to which most of the schools do not use any other study materials other than textbooks to teach kids. It’s high time that educational institutions as well as parents think out-of-the-box to make sure that a child gets an in-depth knowledge of a subject.

At my daughters’ school and other educational institutions-

The good news is that the change is happening. My daughters’ schools have PCs for kids to learn better. In the same way, many other schools are taking this initiative and understanding the value of PC learning. This is a good step that can help to reduce rote learning in some way. PCs can be used in various ways in schools for different subjects. In my daughters’ school, kids are encouraged to use the PC for subjects like art. I feel it can help them to explore their creativity by using various pre-installed creative software. They write Hindi poems by typing in Hindi in Word and also learn how to use excel to solve mathematical problems.

So, a PC can not only help a child to explore creativity and imagination but also understand the technology. With PC learning, schools can actually help kids to be tech-savvy and be ready for the future.

At home –

We have a desktop at home for my daughters to study. The best part is that their school also encourages PC learning over rote learning. The school curriculum is designed in a way that they understand the concepts first and then write it in their own words.

Having a PC at home is very helpful. They both use it to work on assignments, to design and create beautiful school projects, and also clarify any doubts they have.

Rote learning with Dell India

My final thoughts as a mom –

PC learning is a great way to empower our future generations. Also, it is a great way to break the shackles of rote learning and old learning methods in our country. Let’s all say no to Rote learning with Dell India and make our kids creative, confident, and tech-savvy.

As a mom and an educationist, I love this initiative by Dell and would like to stop this approach of rote learning. I want my kids to be ready to for the future and not lag behind in anything. What do you think about rote learning? Do share in the comments below.

Also, Dell has some fun webinars for parents and I just registered for it. The webinar is for parents to create an online learning environment at home. To register for the webinar, click here.