Kids in boards classes are constantly under stress or pressure from studies. It is not new to see kids preparing hard to do well in exams and parents getting anxious. But this year, things are different as there are two board exams, but the exam pattern is entirely different. Instead of subjective-type questions, there will be MCQs. One subject that needs maximum practice is math. I am sharing preparation tips for the class 12th maths board exam.

Preparation tips for class 12th Maths board exam-

  1. Make sure you focus on your main textbook and practice the questions thoroughly. Your NCERT textbook is good enough to help you excel. You can check sample paper books but avoid too many books otherwise.
  2. As the pattern has changed to objective-type questions, you must check the sample paper questions given by your teacher. Also, check and solve board sample paper to clarify the type of questions you can get. Mock tests are helpful to judge how much you know and what are areas where you need more practice. Align your preparation according to the new pattern and if there is any change in the syllabus.
  3. Your concepts must be clear. Just learning the formulas without understanding the concepts won’t be helpful. If your concepts are clear, you can solve any questions you get. Cramming never helps in Math; understanding the logic is the key.
  4. To make the revision easier, you can create short notes for each chapter while studying. These notes or synopsis can help you later to revise quickly without wasting too much time.
  5. Many times students are not able to finish the exam on time as the question paper is lengthy. So, working on your speed is important too. You can analyze the old question papers and try solving them within a time limit.
  6. Many websites provide alternating current class 12 NCERT Solutions for all the subjects for both CBSE and ICSE. These can be helpful for you to understand the concepts and find the solutions easily in one place.
  7. Understand the syllabus properly. Go through it before starting your preparation, as this will help you make a plan and follow it. If you are skipping any chapter, make sure you do the rest of the chapters thoroughly. The trick is to do less but do it properly.
  8. Last but not least, do not take the stress. Be calm and practice the questions without taking any pressure. Start early as doing everything on the previous day can be stressful.

Preparation for math exams, especially for boards exam, can be stressful and nerve-wracking for some kids. But with a calm mind and the right strategies, you can manage it properly. Keep in mind 3 P’s to excel in math, Patience, perseverance, and practice. I am sure with these tips; you can excel in the exam.

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