Obesity is the most common reason for all the lifestyle diseases in India today. Weight loss is on everyone’s mind, but, most are unaware of the right steps to follow. It should be weight loss for a healthy life.

As a dietician, most of my clients are those who want to lose weight. I strongly believe, crash diets are of no use if you are not willing to move or not willing to do any physical exercise. And as a mom, I know how difficult it is to take out time for yourself. My day starts early and after sending kids to school, I start my writing and rush to office. Evenings are all about kids and family.

But I try to sneak out some time for my walk every day. It’s easier said than done but it’s all about priorities. So, moms keep you and your health before anything else. A healthy and happy mom means a happy and healthy family.

I have seen moms struggling with their weight and tried everything from crash diets to a strict exercise regime. But never got desired results as they have been doing everything wrong.

Two most important points to remember if you want to lose weight are-

  • Eat healthy- six small meals a day.
  • Be active- At least half an hour walk every day.

Healthy eating +physically active is my mantra.

Weight loss is a combination of healthy eating and being active.

I never recommend any kind of special diets or crash diets to anybody. And recently I heard of slimming program by VLCC and found it quite impressive. The key features of this program are-

No Crash Diets

No artificial food supplement

Also, No appetite suppressants and No Side effects

They call it weight management and not weight loss which explains it all as it is important to be healthy too. According to VLCC slimming program, they combined all the services like weight loss, spot reduction, skin firming and tightening, or body shaping into one. And it’s called the curve expert therapy.

It can help to give you good long term results by removing all the extra fat from the body in a smooth way.

I also liked the fact that they do not directly push you to follow their products or any artificial supplements. They have experienced consultants who access your body and accordingly advice the best program. They plan a Customized diet for clients.

We all know that there are different reasons for different people to gain weight.

The reasons can be water retention, an unhealthy lifestyle or just heredity. In the VLCC sessions, they take care of everything and helps to boost your metabolism too by flushing out toxins from the body.

Finding the right reason is very important. One of my friends got a lot of health problems after pregnancy as she gained a lot of weight and was not able to reduce it. Her reason was water retention and once she came to know about it, there was no looking back.

People think weight loss is only for those who are overweight. It is a myth as everyone should eat healthy irrespective of weight. The best part of this therapy is that it helps those who just need help with spot reduction or a particular area of the body.

Many people have already taken a step towards health and got desired results. What are you thinking?

Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post for information purpose. All decisions should be taken after following with your health care professional.