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Some people have a photogenic face and even when they are not ready for a picture, they look good. For others, it’s the other way around. Even if they are dressed nicely, applied makeup and done their hair nicely, the picture doesn’t do justice to their beauty.

People always complain that they either look fat than they are or their face look heavier in pictures. For a person like me who loves taking pictures, it is really disheartening if my pictures don’t come out good. So, I figured out certain things which I am sharing with you –

Hair and Makeup tricks

How to make sure you look good in pictures with hair and makeup tricks –

Makeup tricks–

The makeup trick is to use right makeup products and keep it minimum. Concealer is always better than a foundation. Use BB or CC cream as it hides the flaws but gives you a complete look. Otherwise, just concealer or face powder is also enough. Use eyeliner and blush on the cheeks. Small makeup tricks make a huge difference. makeup tricksClothes –

Right clothes make a lot of difference. If you are on the heavier side, wear dark coloured clothes and if you are too thin, try light coloured clothes. Also, choose colours that suit your complexion. It’s important that you are comfortable with what you are wearing otherwise it shows in the pictures.

Style/smile and posture –

First of all correct light is important. Make sure, you are either using a flash or find a place where there is enough light to fall on your face. For the right angle, stand little tilted and not straight in front of the camera. Stand straight with shoulders back. A fake smile looks bad so try to smile naturally. Do not give a nervous smile as that shows clearly in a picture.

Hair tricks–

If your hair is frizzy, apply anti-frizz oil or lotion to control them. If they are too flat, make sure they are shampooed and dried before taking a picture. If you are having a bad hair day, try going for wigs. These days so many wigs available in the market in different colours and styles. Divatress has the best deals on the wigs and vast wig collection online. The best thing is that you can choose one closest to your hair colour and style. Less hassle and easy to use with no time wasting on heat styling, curling or straightening your hair just before a party or event.

Be confident –

Last but not least, just be confident, happy and stand tall. Think happy thoughts while getting a picture clicked. That’s the best trick to look good in all your photos.

Have you ever tried this hair and makeup tricks? Do let us know if you have any more tricks.