No matter where we go or who we meet, we won’t find the unconditional love and support we get from our Mother. Mothers are truly special as they keep giving love, care, and support to everyone around us, never expecting anything in return. So, why not make your mom feel special by doing small things which can bring a smile on her face on her birthday.

We all love our mom, but in our hectic life, we forget to show our love and care towards her. Even spending a little time with her will make her feel special so make time for that every day. Moreover, you can make your mother feel special on her birthday. It is the one day when she shouldn’t be allowed to do anything except enjoy, relax and chill.

Here are some ways through which you can make your mother feel special-

 Spend the whole day with her

On her birthday, spend time with her uninterrupted. Keep your phone out of your reach and talk to her or go shopping with her. Have a conversation with her and make sure she is your priority, and you do everything that she wishes for.

Help her accomplish a project

 Maybe your mother has been trying to complete a project since days but is not able to. On her birthday this year, help her complete that project. It can be related to gardening or redecorating a room or her office or so on.

Just make sure she leads the way, and you do everything according to her wishes.

Cook for her or with her

 Since long, your mother has been cooking for you and making every dish you love. Her birthday is the perfect time to surprise her with a home-cooked meal that you made. Surprise her with a breakfast tray that you made in her bed.

If you are not that great at cooking, maybe you can help her cook, this way you will also get to spend quality time with her.

Take her out for a birthday brunch in a fancy restaurant

Also, you can take your mother out for a brunch or lunch in a fancy restaurant that she has always wanted to go. It is also a great opportunity for her to dress in nice attire which you can gift her to.

Take out old photos and reminisce about the old days

Another way to spend time with your mom and show her that you care about what she is saying is to take out old photos from your childhood, her childhood, and marriage. It is a great way to listen to all the stories and reminisce about the old days and have fun together.

Give her the day off

A mother’s job is never done so on her birthday, give her the day off from her motherly duties to simply enjoy her day. Arrange for a babysitter if you have younger siblings so that she can enjoy a date with your father or date-night with friends.

Moreover, you can just let her sleep a little longer and giver her breakfast in bed.

Gift her something special that you made

On her birthday this year, gift her something that you made. You can make a birthday card for your mom. Or it can also be a food item or cake or cookies. Or if you are into painting or music or writing, then a painting, a piece of music or a piece of a poem will make for a meaningful and great gift.

Gift her a recipe book with all her best recipes

Make a recipe book that has all the recipes your mother has made over the years. Include all the family favorites, memorable dishes, traditional dishes, and so on.

You can make the book personal by adding stories and photos related to special events that used that particular recipe.

Take her to a spa

Take your mother to a spa session so that she can relax and de-stress herself. Make your mom feel special by letting her enjoy these sessions which can help her rejuvenate and chill.

A small-family get together

Gather the entire family for a small birthday party for her. Organize a small party at your home with lots of music, wine, and snacks and celebrate your home. Make sure that everything from the theme to the food and music is according to the likes of your mother.

Make your mom feel special by spending time with her anyhow you want.

About the author – 

Kavita is an outreach specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen 😉 Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita