Are there any secrets to raising healthy kids? Is raising healthy kids easy? What can I do to raise healthy kids?

These are a few questions which every mom asks and seeks answers. As a mom, I am in the same boat too and often worry about my kids’ health and well-being. But over the years, I have learnt that it’s not about how well your child is growing physically or mentally. Actually, it’s about the holistic development of the child and by that it means, your child is developing in all spheres equally – Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or psychologically.

What Can You Do for the Holistic Development of Your Child?

There are three secrets which are very simple. But, before I share the secrets, I want to share something which I feel is very important for every mom to understand.

As they say, a happy mom means a happy child. It’s all about being patient and a stress-free mom for your kids to be happy and healthy. Also, kids need your love, attention, understanding, and support. Spend quality time with them, talk to them, and show them you care. But remember, every child is unique and you have to keep that in mind in order to understand them better. A happy and healthy child will be a happy and healthy adult. 

What are the Three Secrets to Raising Healthy Kids?

1. Good Sleep

It is the most underrated healthy habit and many parents don’t understand the importance of sleep. A good amount of sleep can help your child to stay active and do better in school as they have better attention, learning, and memory. In other words, it affects their overall physical and mental health. Kids who sleep on time and sleep well are healthier, happier and successful too. 

I have noticed a huge difference in my younger one’s behaviour and overall health after I realised it was due to lack of enough sleep. Now I make sure that my kids’ sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night. Also, following a routine helped us. Earlier on weekends, the whole routine would go upside down but now we make sure that kids follow the same sleeping pattern on weekends too.

2. Balanced Nutrition

This is one thing which most moms worry about – Fussy eaters/picky eaters. Many moms think that if their child is not finishing what’s on the plate, they are not getting enough nutrition. But the right thing is to focus on quality rather than quantity. I believe one should focus on giving a balanced meal to the child instead of focusing on how much they are eating.

3. Physical Exercise

This is as important as good sleep and balanced nutrition for kids. Parents must encourage their kids to be active for at least one hour every day. One hour of physical exercise can keep them active, help them to maintain a healthy weight, their bones become strong, the stamina increases, and better overall health.

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