Moms try to do everything for their kids and still feel guilty about one or the other thing. If you are working, you feel guilty for missing out on your kids’ childhood and not spending enough quality time with them.

Childhood is an important stage when kids learn a lot, go to school, observe and imbibe from their surroundings. Also, this is a time when parents play an important role in the overall development of the child. As parents, you can plan small activities to spend quality time with your child –


Play games together – This is a tried and tested method as I have observed this in my daughters. When you show interest in their games or their toys, they love it. My younger one used to love to pretend play and she would give us all some roles to play. This activity was my way of bonding with her.

You can also plan a game night where the full family sits together to play board games of their choice. It can also be a simple game of cards or a round of carom.

Go for an outing – Plan a picnic to a nearby park or take them for bowling, boating or a movie. You can book tickets for any animated movie of their choice too. An outing is a fun way to spend quality time with your kids. I remember taking my daughter to the library when she was small and she loved it. So, it was a ritual with us to go to the library together on weekends and she enjoyed getting new books to read. This small activity turned her into an avid book reader.

Reading time – This is one of our favourite activity as a family. When the girls were small, my husband and I used to read a different book to them every day, especially during bedtime. Reading books not only aids bonding but also enhances their knowledge and inculcates a lifelong love for books.

Just talk – Sometimes its ok to just let it be and not plan things. Just leave your phone and gadgets and give undivided time to your kids and talk to them. Ask them about their day and share about your day and schedule. Listening is very important as it makes them feel special and cared for. It reassures them that you are there with them and for them always. As a parent, you have to be an active listener.

Dinner time – Meal times are important. It’s the easiest and most effortless way to spend quality time with your kids. Food makes a huge difference in the overall development of a child. Having meals together, also helps them to make healthy food choices as kids follow their parents. They observe and follow. For example, talking to them about eating fruits and vegetables won’t make a huge difference as must as showing them.

Every different activity you do with your kids has an impact on them. In fact, the time that you spend with your child aids their brain development because you are feeding IQ to your baby.  As a parent, you play an important role in the cognitive development of your child.

I strongly feel, as much it’s important to spend quality with your kids, it’s also important to make them independent by not being a helicopter parent. So, balance is the key. Make sure you also teach them to handle things on their own in life too.