O for Overprotective

These days we all prefer going out in cars than walking. My daughters get very uncomfortable when we sometimes decide to walk down to a nearby place as they don’t like crossing the roads due to all the traffic.This made me think-  We are protecting them from outside world without realising that they have to learn everything sooner or later.

It is always better that a child learns through his or her own actions. It is only possible if we let them learn it the hard way. I remember one incident when my younger brother was not ready to wear the jacket or sweater while going out in winters. And my mom really tried hard for some time but then gave up. One of my aunts asked her, “What if he gets sick? It’s so cold outside.”

“It’s ok, he is not listening to me and now let him learn the lesson the hard way.” My mom replied.

My Mom’s answer made me question myself as a parent.

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We used to do so many things as kids and now stop our children from doing it. Sometimes, I also stop them from trying new things from the fear of fall or fear of getting hurt. My husband finds it easier to let go and reminds me to remember the times when we used to play cricket on roads, fly kites standing on the terrace, or run around unguarded.

I remember how we used to walk down to school on our own or with siblings, ride our bicycles around town or visit friends on our own. Our parents gave us full freedom to go out and explore.

I can understand that childhood has changed. Things like increased number of cars on the roads or perverts in the park have made us fearful. But let’s try to give them little more freedom. Let’s all go back to our childhood and the liberties we had and allow our kids to become more imaginative, creative and little explorers.



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