Did you know that creating an emotional bonding with our babies is good for their overall development?

Stimulation in any form during the early years of life is really good for the emotional development of the child. It makes them comfortable and socially and academically strong and secure.

Here are a few activities which can help to boost emotional bonding with your baby –

Cuddling, holding and kissing – When my daughter was born and placed in my arms, I instinctively kissed her on her little forehead. I still remember that feeling when she was placed in my arms. My first instinct was to hold her and cuddle her. I am sure all the kissing and cuddling establishes and creates an emotional bond with your child. As they grow up, providing enough love and care helps them to be emotionally stable and boosts their overall development.

Oil massage – I still remember our oil massage sessions when my girls were small. They both enjoyed these massages and it was a great way to bond with them. I remember talking and singing to them while massaging. It’s not only a great way to bond but also has a lot of other benefits like reduces colic, helps in brain development and also helps to increase alertness in babies. Who knew that massaging was so beneficial? Next time, whenever you massage your little one, remember that it’s also good for her emotional health which in turn is good for her overall development.

Breastfeeding/feeding – When a mother kisses her new born baby, she is creating an emotional bond which is good for both mom and baby; holding the baby close while feeding is a great way to bond with the new born.

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding is a superb way to have skin to skin contact. Infants respond to the smell and touch of their mothers. The responsiveness of the parents to the needs helps in infant cognition.

A baby needs a lot of stimulation to FeedIQ and to promote overall development. Breastfeeding not only boosts emotional development but has many health benefits too as it has DHA and natural vitamin E to boost brain development in infants. There are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding for moms too as it helps them to feel relaxed and calm. A relaxed mom is a happy mom and a happy baby.

One on one time – Babies can follow your facial expression s and also try to imitate it. So, make sure you spend quality time with your baby and look in the eyes while talking to them. Babies like listening to their parents and it boosts the communication skills in them too. Things which you can include in your special one on one time are stroking of hair, cradling and rocking slowly. Dads sometimes feel left out and wonder how to bond with the baby. So, they can also do all the things mentioned in this point to create an emotional bond. Other than these, giving a bath to the baby, imitating the cooing noises, reading and singing to the baby is a great way to bond.

Boost emotional bonding

Be a happy parent – Initially, it’s not as easy as obviously, it is overwhelming for new parents. It’s a completely new phase for the parents and pretty emotionally and physically draining. But to be honest, you have to be happy parents to connect with your baby and create a strong emotional bond. Try to keep supportive and helpful people around you who can give you confidence about your parenting abilities. Emotional support from your family and friends make a huge difference. It surely takes time but be there for your baby and create that special bond. Play, laugh, sing and be silly with your baby. Stimulation through play is the best as it helps the baby to use his senses and be more active.

Bonding is a personal experience which takes time. Slowly you can build a stronger bond with your baby and it can help to boost the overall development of the baby.

These are a few activities which helped me to boost emotional bonding with my kids. Do you have any more ideas? Do let me know in the comments.