A wonderful initiative by Neev Academy – the Neev literature fest is the biggest annual literature festival for kids in Bangalore. The central theme of the festival is – “Love to Read, Read to Love”.

As a mom who loves reading and who has two young girls who are avid readers, this literature festival is my favourite. This is the first literature festival I attended as a mom and it captivated me. I got this wonderful opportunity to attend this event and loved the whole atmosphere which was filled with words, books, authors and the literary world.

Neev literature festival schedule –

DAY 1 – 28TH September 2018 – For schools that registered

DAY 2- 29th September 2018 – 10 AM To 6 PM- Open to the public

The Neev Literature Festival specifically catered to children and featured the largest exhibition of children’s books ever seen in the city. This exhibition carefully selected books to expose children to new authors, titles and genres.

Also, they scheduled workshops, panel discussions, and author talks. The event housed more than 65 celebrated International and Indian authors, filmmakers, and illustrators who were present at the Neev Literature Festival. Renowned authors such as Nadia Hashimi, Paro Anand, Nadine Bailey, Katie day, Jayant Kripalani, Dhooleka Raj, David Melling, Rasil Ahuja, Sampurna Chattarji, Jahnavi Barua, Neha Singh, among others were part of the festival to meet and interact with the children.

Children attended different workshops and also listened to discussions and story-readings just for them. This year the book awards were also unveiled and it was a great way to appreciate young authors. There was a book signing area too. Kids got a chance to not only buy different books but also get it signed by their favourite authors.

The day concluded with a performance that was both musical and literary.

Such literature fests are a great way to encourage educators and parents to help kids develop a love and passion for reading. By giving them access to all varieties of literature, it’s a great way to encourage reading. It helps to develop their cognitive skills and be able to succeed in everything that they do.

They can learn to appreciate their own cultural heritage as well as those of others.  Also, they can develop emotional intelligence and creativity. Books can actually nurture their growth and personality too. Kids are going to inculcate the love of reading through this festival. It also helps them in perceiving the real world from a different point of view.

As a big fan of reading, books were the first things that I introduced my kids to. I am glad they both love reading. Neev Literature festival is a great initiative by Neev Academy and it is surely helping kids to celebrate the love for books and reading.