Bangalore is popularly known as the IT city or silicon valley of India. It’s one of the few metropolitan cities of India and has a mixed population from different parts of India. It is the capital city of Karnataka, a southern state in India. 

My memories of the city –

Bangalore the silicon valley of India

I relocated to Bangalore after marriage and it has been almost 10 years now since I came to this beautiful city. It feels more like my city in law than my actual in-law’s place as I have stayed here more than any other city after marriage. Slowly and patiently, I got used to it and I have seen it changed over the years. I still remember the time when I hailed Rajdhani from Delhi to Bangalore and came here to join my husband.

A newlywed me at Infosys campus with husband

I love the weather here and it’s the major attraction for many people to stay here. Since there are people from different parts of India here, language is not a barrier in Bangalore. In Bangalore, almost everyone, including the auto drivers, vegetable vendors, maids, shopkeepers, etc. know basic Hindi and English.

My kids did most of their schooling here and I love the level of education and the quality of educational institutions here. 

We also love the authentic south Indian food here and relish the famous Karnataka thali. We have tried everything here, from dosa at MTR to corner house ice cream and from chicken biryani at empire restaurant to coffee at Indian coffee house. 

About Bangalore – The silicon valley of India

Bangalore is a multicultural city in the true sense. It has many eating joints, pubs, and of course many good career opportunities for everyone. There are a lot of people who are IT engineers and stay near IT corridors here.

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit around the city like Lal Bagh, Cubbon park

The famous glass house of Lal bagh


The BMTC has a great web of the buses. There are Uber and Ola options if you don’t want to drive or take a bus. Traffic is a problem and that’s the only thing which needs attention. But the main reason is the population which has soared high significantly in the last decade in the city. Good news is that soon Bangalore will get good connectivity as Metro work is going on with full speed in different parts of the city.

In short –

Transport is not a problem.

Weather is the biggest plus point here.

Language is not a concern even if you are from any other part of the country.

A lot of options for foodies.

It is the IT hub of India with a lot of opportunities for everyone.

Good educational institutions for kids.

Once you stay in Bangalore, it’s not easy to stay anywhere else in the world as you won’t get similar weather anywhere.

I love namma Bengaluru as its lovingly called and overall life is good except traffic jams.

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