The queen of hills Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state in North India. It is rightly called the queen of hills and is located in Garhwal hills of Himalayas. It is 35 km from Dehradun. The best time to visit is summers between April to October but tourist visits it all year around. It is a famous tourist destination in that region and popular among honeymooners and nearby tourists who visit it as a weekend getaway.

It is famous not only as a famous tourist destination but it is also a popular education hub with many famous schools and colleges.

My memories of the Queen of Hills Mussoorie-

Queen of Hills Mussoorie

I have been to Mussoorie many times with my parents. It was one of the favourite holiday destinations of my dad and we would visit it often during our summer holidays. There was a rotating restaurant which was round in shape and it was exciting for us when we were small as used to think it actually rotates. It used to be our favourite place for dinner. I am not sure if it’s still there.

We recently went there with our kids in 2010 and all my old memories got refreshed.

I still remember an incident when all of a sudden it started raining and we were just walking around on the mall road without any umbrellas. It was pouring so heavily that we got fully drenched and my younger one was almost 3 and like a typical toddler she demanded her favourite pink umbrella immediately. Now the problem was that it was in the car that was parked some 1 km away.

Toddler tantrums with loud screaming and crying lasted for some time.  Till she understood that we are not getting her the umbrella.

With her favourite pink umbrella

As they say, travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

Mussoorie will always be special for me as it has many beautiful memories attached to it with my parents and siblings. As it is near to Haridwar, we would often cover both together.

About Queen of hills Mussoorie –

Mussoorie has many places to see like –

  1. Kempty falls – It is one of the main attraction in Mussoorie. These beautiful falls attract a lot of visitors. It is some 15km away from the main city.
  2. Gun hill – A second highest peak of Mussoorie where you can get a good view of the Doon valley and Himalayan ranges.
  3. Mall road for some local shopping and strolling to explore the city
  4. Camelback road – A 3km long road which is good for a peaceful walk
  5. Sir George Everest house – It was the home of Sir George Everest. Now a major tourist attraction to get a good view of the valley and mountains.

For shopping, except Mall road, there is Kurli Bazaar where you can get a lot of local stuff like handicrafts etc.

If you have still not been to Mussoorie, it should be on top of your list to explore whenever you visit Uttarakhand. Lush green mountains and gorgeous hills with a beautiful view are a must visit.

With my girls in front of the hotel

am sharing my memories of different places from my travel list this April.

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