Book name – Curious Club – The Rising Sun

Publishing house- The child city Edutainment Ltd.

Author- Fredric Cruz


I received this book a few days back and my younger one immediately wanted to read it. She loved the cover page and her first reaction was, “Mom, It looks like an interesting read.”

The rising sun is a story about how curious club learns to accept and overcome challenges confidently. It teaches them to gain a positive outlook towards any disability and courage to continue to try and succeed. – The child city edutainment.

Meg, Ali, Yogi and Choco are the main characters who are called ‘THE CURIOUS CLUB.’ They are the explorers and the book is all about their adventures.

MAIN CHARACTERS- Meg, Ali, Yogi, Choco, Ayesha and Master Williams

Scene- Ali’s 8th birthday party

Its Alis birthday and he invited his friends over for the party. They all meet Ali’s cousin who is deaf and they all learn about sign language. And also get to meet Ayesha’s music teacher who is blind. They all learn something new about people with disabilities.

The music teacher Master Williams explain to them all about their special powers.

I liked this sentence, “When God gives you one weakness, it gives you two strengths.”

I liked that this book is not only about just a story. It is not just another story book as it has many other interesting things for kids.

We can call it a ‘knowledgeable story book.’

It starts with a story but the best part is they have a word power in the end which helps kids with the difficult words in the story. I was wondering why my daughter didn’t ask me any questions or meanings of any words.

All the phrases or word meaning are marked with a star and explained in the word power at the back.


And that’s not all, after the story, there is a part called- ‘Records and Discoveries’ which explains kids about the braille system and Sign language.


Next part is the ‘Inspiration’ part where they have mentioned famous people like Sudha Chandran, Beethoven, and Marla Runyan and their stories. Kids can really learn many new things through this book.


I received this book from ‘The child city’  a few days back and was not sure if my daughter is going to read it or not. She loved it and it’s a thumbs up from a mom and a tween.

The rising Sun is a perfect book for young readers between 6-12 years. It is available online on Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online stores.

The child city also invites kids to share their stories and articles with them. You can contact them here- to know more about their books.