You must have read many stories of weight loss and wondered, “How they did it?”

Actually, Nutrition and exercise, both are important for your well-being. For example, If one is doing too much muscular exercise, they should have good amount of protein on their plate. Many people think that it can be achieved just with the exercise but it is not right.

  • It is important not to make drastic changes in your diet.
  • Choose healthier methods of cooking and eating before you start exercise routine.
  • Focus on healthy diet is very important. For example- Make a target of how much weight one wants to lose etc.
  • Stay hydrated. It is very important while working out and also when you are following a diet.
  • I suggest to stay away from diets and focus more on eating healthy.
  • More realistic approach while working out is to focus on gaining muscular weight and not “just losing weight”.
  • Always remember that you need proteins for muscles and do not rely only on carbohydrates for quick energy.
  • Diet should be low in fats, low in fibre, moderate in carbohydrates and proteins and include fluids.
  • If you are working out to lose weight, stick to lighter version of sports drinks which have less carbohydrates and calories.
  • Energy bars are available in the market but opt for bars with minimum fats and at least 5gms of proteins and some carbohydrates.
  • If you are getting up early to exercise, finish your breakfast at least an hour before that.
  • Be careful on not to overdo on eating before your workout.
  • Eat within two hours of your workout and try having a good mixture of proteins and carbohydrates.

There are lot of diet foods available in the market these days and people follow lot of fad diets to lose weight. But, the real mantra is – Eat healthy, control your portions and exercise daily. 

As they say,” You are what you eat!”

So, Take wise decisions and do not follow others blindly 🙂

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