Halloween is a festival which is celebrated on 31st evening on the eve of All Saint’s day. I remember witnessing the fun celebrations when we were in the US. It was so much fun watching kids and grownups dressed up in spooky costumes and going around the town for the ritual of trick or treating. With Halloween around the corner, I am sharing few Halloween Indian recipes and food ideas in this post.

What is Trick or treat?

My daughters love this festival. They not only like dressing up as their favourite characters or something spooky, but they also love going for trick or treat with their friends. For trick or treat, the kids dress up and go around their neighbourhood asking for sweets and candies. If the kids don’t get candies from any house, they use some tricks and that’s why it’s called trick or treat. Many people keep carved pumpkins outside their homes too.

Halloween Indian recipes and food ideas –

As Halloween is all about being spooky, scary and fun, the food items should be on the same theme. I used to plan some Halloween parties when my kids were small and that’s why I am sharing some of the ideas from them.

  1. Pumpkin chocolate muffins – As pumpkin is the most popular vegetable for this festival, I make sure to make something with it. In India it’s called Kaddu or petha, and many kids surely run away from it. So, I thought of inventing something yummy out of it. It’s made the same way as any other chocolate muffins but I add pureed pumpkin to it. Try it and kids won’t even realise that there is pumpkin in the chocolate muffins.
  2. Spooky pulao– For this recipe, all you have to do is to use different vegetables to give a different look to the good old pulao. I use grated pumpkin, beetroot cubes, black olives, and some pomegranate seeds to give a spooky look to the rice. It’s healthy too as it has the goodness of all these veggies.
  3. Halloween special paranthas – This is a very simple recipe. You just have to cook paranthas with a dough which has little mashed pumpkin in it. This will give an orange colour to your paranthas. Once done, add any filling of the kid’s choice and roll them up. To give the final touch, just decorate it with black sesame seeds.
  4. Creepy cutlets – This is my latest invention and thankfully kids loved it. As Halloween is a few days after Navratri, I use kuttu ka atta or buckwheat for it. For this one, just make a thick batter of kuttu ka atta and then add boiled and mashed potatoes in it. Next add salt, pepper, and some pomegranate seeds and mix well. Now make cutlets out of it and cook them nicely. You can add sabudana or sago for binding. Halloween Indian recipes
  5. Bloody drink – For this you can use our old favourite Roohafza. I make the simple lemonade first and then add some roohafza to change its colour to red. Kids love this one and call it the strawberry lemonade. You can whip up many such drinks easily by using different colours.

It’s all about being creative in the kitchen. These were some of the things I make. Let me know if you have any Halloween Indian recipes or food ideas. Although this year, Halloween can’t look the same as it has in the previous years, let’s see how we celebrate. Happy Halloween!

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