It’s the start of New Year and you must have made your resolutions. I am sure most of you must have included a resolution to exercise regularly on your list. Most people start an exercise regime as New Year starts but stop it pretty soon too. Now the question is – How motivated are you to work out?

People make a lot of excuses not to exercise and the most common reason is lack of time. So, the one solution is to do your exercises at home if you don’t have time. There are many simple exercises which can be easily done at home to stay fit and healthy. Just take out some time daily from your bust routine for yourself.

Keep these things in mind before starting any workout regime-

  1. Start slowly and do not start any vigorous exercise immediately.
  2. Do it for less time in the starting and slowly increase the time limit.
  3. It’s always fun and easy if you have an exercise partner or a friend with you while working out.
  4. Set realistic goals and do not jump into anything which you are not going to follow later.
  5. Consult a professional if you are confused about how and where to start.
  6. You must get at least 150 -75 minutes of aerobic exercise in a week.
  7. Its all about timing when it comes to eating before exercise. Try not to eat heavy meals before working out.
  8. Keep minimum 30 minutes gap between eating and working out.

Here is a list of 5 simple exercises which you can start this year and some of them even you can do at home-

  1. Walking – I feel walking is the best exercise when you are starting. Half an hour walk three days a week is good to start with and slowly make it 5 days a week. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and find a good place to walk too. I prefer listening to songs on my mp3 player while walking. You can also listen to music while walking as it can keep you motivated. Another option is to walk on a treadmill if you don’t have a good place around your house to walk or you are too lazy to go out.
  2. Dancing – There are different workouts that include dancing like Zumba, Aerobics, or different dance forms which can not only help you lose weight but also keep you fit. Dancing can also make you happy as it removes stress and you can end up feeling light and fresh. Make sure you do not start with a vigorous dance form like Zumba if you are just starting off as it can affect your knees and you might feel demotivated if you are not able to do it.

    My Zumba class group

  3. Yoga – Yoga is really helpful as it helps to build strength and increase flexibility. You can start with simple and basic poses and then slowly go to advanced poses. There are some poses which you can easily do at home after learning from a professional. Remember to take proper guidance before starting yoga and it is really helpful to reduce any kind of body pains if done properly.
  4. Swimming – It is a very good exercise as it involves full body workout. Arms, legs, chest, shoulders etc. all are involved and it helps to build core strength. If it is done properly and regularly, it can help you achieve flexible and toned body. It can help you to not only lose weight but also stay fit and healthy. It might seem like a hassle to you but all the benefits of swimming are worth it.
  5. Cycling – It is the simplest yet the best exercise when it comes to its benefits. It helps to burn a good amount of calories and it’s a cardiovascular exercise. You can even do indoor cycling at a gym if you don’t have a bike. It can boost your mood, help in weight loss, and helps to reduce risks of lifestyle diseases.

Not only exercise but make some nutrition changes to get maximum benefits. I strongly believe that it’s a combination of both – nutrition and exercise. One thing cannot get you good results. Make sure you eat healthy too and no crash diets, please. Crash diets ultimately crash a person who is dieting. Eat sensibly and stay active.

Here are a few light things which you can eat before working out if you have less gap in between – 

  1. A handful of nuts like raisins, almonds and walnuts etc.
  2. A small banana or medium-sized apple
  3. Few healthy whole wheat crackers
  4. A slice of whole wheat bread fat-free free butter, jam or peanut butter.
  5. A cup of yoghurt with fruits.

All the best for your New Year resolutions. Hope you stick with them and do not leave them in between.

Keep going for yourself and for your health! Happy new year!

Written as a part of #ChatterPrompts by Blogchatter.