Niagara falls the world’s most beautiful waterfalls are situated on the border of two countries, USA and Canada. They are in Ontario in Canada and New York in the USA. They include 3 waterfalls and collectively these 3 are called Niagara Falls. The Canadian waterfalls are called the horseshoe falls, the second one is American falls and the third one is Bridal veil falls. The Canadian falls are the major source of hydroelectricity to Ontario and US ones in New York.

These are one of the famous tourist attractions in the world and many tourists visit it from both the countries. It is believed that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is much prettier than the other side.

My memories of Niagara Falls –

Niagara Falls the world’s most beautiful waterfalls

We went to Niagara falls in 2005 summers and at that time we were staying in Wisconsin. The distance from Milwaukee in Wisconsin to Niagara falls is some 646 miles and we covered it in almost 9-10 hours. My husband loves driving so we drove down to Niagara Falls and it was an amazing experience. I still remember that we crossed many US states on our road trip like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio etc. So, we not only enjoyed the Niagara falls but the road trip as well.

My elder one was 3.5 years old at that time and she loved the waterfalls and the boat rides. The boat rides and the trips were the best part of the trip. My favourite is the ‘Maid of the mist’ which is a boat ride that starts and ends on the US side but crosses a little bit Canada side. I remember we all got wet and my daughter loved the experience although it was a little scary as we were really close to the falls.

Through these boat rides, you actually get to explore the beautiful Niagara falls up close and it is truly a mesmerising experience. These falls look equally breath-taking at night in different coloured lights. I still remember how beautiful they looked.

Night view of the falls

Some of our friends experienced the Canadian side through helicopter ride but as our daughter was small, we skipped it.

About Niagara Falls the world’s most beautiful waterfalls-

The falls are the main attraction here and the best way to experience real beauty is through boat rides like the famous Maid of the mist. It runs from May to October every few minutes. Just be ready to get wet as this takes you very close to the falls. You get a waterproof cover before hopping on the ride but its always better to carry your waterproof shoes and other stuff.

Another boat ride is the cave of the winds which takes you really close to the falls and you get to see beautiful rainbows too.

That’s how close the boat rides or cruise goes to the falls

If you want to see the falls from both the sides, you can take the helicopter ride which not only shows you the falls from the Canadian side but also gives you a spectacular view of the falls. Otherwise, The prospect point park is the famous point from where you can see the US side falls and get a perfect view.

Niagara Falls are the world’s most beautiful waterfalls and a natural wonder which leaves you mesmerised. I wish to visit the falls from the Canadian side someday. Have you been to Niagara falls yet?

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