L for Looks.

A few days back someone shared an article about moms taking their 6-7-year-old daughters to beauty parlours and salons. They were getting a pedicure, manicure, and hair spa etc. to get ready for a party.

I want to ask these questions to all those moms-

  Why do you think a 7-year-old needs a beauty parlour or a salon?

Why do you want to kill their innocence by introducing all these things at such an early age?

Our girls are beautiful the way they are and if you really want to teach them something, teach them to be happy in who they are and be confident. I am not saying that one should not teach them to be conscious of how they look but it’s the time when they should know the difference between dignity or self-confidence and vanity.

They should be taught to look presentable and tidy. They should not waste time to look like someone else or the way someone else wants them to look.

I make sure my girls take care of their skin and hair. I am sure they are fed up with me as I always run behind them with a lotion for dry skin or lip balms for chapped lips. My elder one was never worried about her hair or clothes till she became a teenager. But now, I can see a difference in her in last few years. On the other hand, my younger one is different, she loves to dress up and she decides her clothes herself.

One thing which I always tell my daughters and want all the moms to know today-

There is nothing wrong with dressing up or looking pretty. In fact, I am always behind my girls to take care of their hair and skin, dress up nicely for a party. Also, I go shopping with them and let them explore different things but I keep on reminding them that they should be proud of their achievements and capabilities as much as they are of theirs looks. Not to get an approval from anybody or for others but for yourself and your personality.

‘Looks’ is not a bad word. We should change our way of thinking and see it in a different perspective.  That’s’ all!

I am writing about Parenting for A to Z challenge and sharing my thoughts as a mother of a teen and a tween. Sharing my personal experiences as a mom and hope to help other moms and also learn from them through this challenge. Read all posts here. 

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