My theme for #AtoZchallenge is parenting and I have already written 22 posts related to children and their overall development. As we are coming to an end of this series, I wanted to write something about moms too as I strongly believe- Happy moms means Happy family.

Mom-shaming- Judging moms for whatever they do or not do.

Body shaming exists for everybody, whether it’s a child who is underweight, overweight or a teenager who wears specs or braces. But today I am sharing my thoughts about Mom shaming and I am sure most moms will agree with me on this one. We are all judged for everything we do for our kids and family.

Our first experience with weight gain is during pregnancy and our whole body changes during those 9 months. But as a mom, I am proud of myself as it is not easy to carry a child for 9 months, delivery and of course motherhood has its own challenges.

At least during the first year, weight loss is the last thing on our mind as our whole life goes for a toss. But there will be people who will judge you for your weight gain, your appearance, and your lifestyle. I know it’s not easy to reduce post pregnancy weight and the last thing we want to listen after we had a baby is that we need to reduce our weight or go to a gym.

I have also experienced all this and I wanted to carry – ‘Just had a baby’ tag to stop others from judging me for my weight gain after my second daughter.

It’s high time we stop focussing on the weight of a woman and focus on other important facts. We need to understand that sometimes the weight gain can be due to some health problems too.

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A note for other momsJust remember to be happy as it is your body and it doesn’t matter what others say. Love yourself and take care of your children.



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